Opinion ~ Can we be Friends?

by Lawrence Parent

When the world was young all of the peoples of the earth needed to rely upon each other for safety and sustenance. A close bonding existed that we do not see today. As the populations of the world grew some of the people found other ways to supply themselves with these things until they found they didn’t need their friends, their families, to survive and prosper. They would look at their brethren with scorn for following such antiquated ways. The results of this temperament are all around us now and are the basis for the controlling influences of the world. Laws based on one persons disposition affect everyone. Societal fashion skews the cornerstones of peer interaction. Business and monetary gain distress the public with competition for an apex attainable to a very few. Wars continue to divide the nations and even the civil causes separate classes and ethnic diversity.

It is with this challenging senario that the great majority of us contend. Common goals run rampant through every society, but they are quietly observed and, therefore, out of the limelight. Some would advise being friendly to all, which others would call foolishness. Some say to rely on this religion or that, and some say none. I do not believe our creator would condone much of what happens in mankind’s endeavors. I believe we must learn to look inside ourselves, monitor our intentions, and comport ourselves accordingly.

As a wise man once said, “To have a friend you have to be one.” Many of the giants of the world could do well to follow that saying. The world would be a better place.

by Lawrence A. Parent
I have seen a bed of roses turn to tears
Chapters ended in the dead of night
     Their faces blank
          A wretched sight
And sadness reigning in a set of fears
And when the dawn fell through the window
     On the sleep no dream would tred
The strained and ravaged spirits
     Drank in the light instead
          Of giving thunder all the blame
               For waking horrors in the night
                    That came before the dawning wonder
          Of the dew in feathered flight
But send for simple virtue
          And call down the ancient star
     For sharing is the key
               To stop the weeping of our hearts
To blend amid a moments breadth
          Our souls
               Though bittersweet
     Returning memory
          Hopeless climbs
               Vines clinging to our feet
Happiness is easy
     If you ask no more from life
          Than the wisdom that comes gently
          Between the pain and strife
We find it in the nouishment
          That lies behind the eyes
     Of tempered dragons
               We must find and face
And conquer all their lies



7 thoughts on “Opinion ~ Can we be Friends?

  1. Notice to readers: The poem above was cut off and hopefully River can fix it soon so readers can enjoy the poem in it’s entirety, so visit again to see the entire poem.

  2. This is the rest of the poem—

    ….hopeless climbs
    vines clinging to our feet

    Happiness is easy if you ask no more from life
    Than the wisdom that comes gently,
    There, between the pain and strife

    We find it in the nourishment
    That lies behind the eyes
    Of tempered dragons we must find and face
    and conquer all their lies.

  3. you’re right, it was indeed incomplete without this line: “happiness is easy if you ask no more from life” 🙂
    i thoroughly liked your post, and all the “wisdom that comes gently”, springing from your words :).
    glad to read your thoughts!

  4. The media, government and corporate dragons blow putrid fires of fear. How pathetic they will find themselves when awoken to a new world where the depth of relationships is the only strength to keep us alive. I for my part having been tearing off the servants uniform bit by bit.

  5. Lawrence…thank you. My primary faith lies in kindness, compassion, empathy. These are the things of the heart and soul, the things that separates us from the animal kingdom and supposedly places us higher than the primates. The older I get, and the more I see, I think it is shameful how far we have fallen. It is these things that big business and corporations, while enjoying the rights of a person, are incapable of expressing. The corporations single obligation is to turn a profit with no regard to the consequences that may fall upon a town, a city, a nation as a result. We are plastic, insincere, and now taught in classrooms and educational institutions that this is okay!? Oh dear, I’m ranting…rather than continue, I am going to bite my tongue and save it for another issue 😉

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