Winter Solstice by River Urke

Editor River Urke is a poet, writer, artist, and Super Mom. Her love of beauty and words combine to create fantastic word imposed imagery that can be viewed at her blog A Pocket of Agates

care for a reading


5 thoughts on “Winter Solstice by River Urke

  1. This is so beautiful, and reminded me of solstice gatherings when I lived in Tofino. One winter morning we gathered just before dawn on a sandbar linking a tiny island to the seashore. Someone had gotten there before us and carefully drawn a labyrinth in the sand, which we walked as morning came………a friend arrived with her little boy who was carrying a lighted torch, the flame bobbing along with his sleepy footsteps. As we completed the labyrinth, the tide was coming in and covering both labyrinth and our steps with water and we hastened back to the shore before getting caught in the waves. Sigh. So beautiful, as is this glorious poem.

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