Jessica Kristie is `Dreaming in Darkness`

When you’re caught up in the struggle that is life, there is no better feeling of knowing there is someone out there who shares your struggles, your thoughts, your hopes and of course, your fears.  This is where I turn to poetry. Word weavers who are willing to lay down their words, expose their hearts, and reach out to their readers in a honest, emotion laden expose.

Dreaming in Darkness, the premier collection of poetry and prose from author Jessica Kristie, is an amazing example of why I rush to poetry.  Now available through Winter Goose Publishing in ebook and print format, this honest and heart felt collection needs to be on the shelf of any appreciator of the exciting group of up and coming poets.

From the simple appreciation of language and environment in `Natural Blue` to the haunting longing of  `What I Can`t See`, these works grab your heart, and more than once I found myself reading with that ever controlling lump in my throat, as I dove into the words.

I remember when Jessica first released the above book trailer, and how my heart soared realizing all the tools that were now available to us driven poets.

The battle to share our words continue, and perhaps the first step in our mission to take over the world with poetry, should come with an appreciation of those who have gone before.  Jessica has not only penned a fantastic collection, but she has also used the tools available to us, to get her words to the people.

And together, we can help her do that.  It is up to us to forge ahead with a New World Creative Union.  The importance of the arts can not be underestimated.  Together, we can see that the poets, the photographers, the painters, the musicians, get their work out there, and start shaping and molding the world to be the better place we dream of.

In the words of Sarafina Bianco, who provides us the forward in Jessica`s collection, `Dreaming in Darkness allows the reader to feel the hope present in the blackness of despair. It`s a celebration of the astonishing beauty we can find in the darkest places and a true testament to the writer`s character`

Visit Jessica at her website today to order your own copy of this wonderful read, and receive updates on her second collection, `Threads of Life`being released through Winter Goose Publishing this coming March.

There is no reason for any poetry lover to not have `Dreaming in Darkness`as a part of their collection. For your chance to win your own autographed copy, simply step to the microphone and get ready to enter the upcoming Poetry Slam!


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