Editors Corner ~ New Additions on The River & Updates of the Slam

I sit at my desk this December day peering out the window perplexed by the abnormal warmth of my northern home. Weather fitting for spring melts the remaining snow as the holidays tick closer. Our weather would be considered cold to some of you while I am bewildered by what is going on. I tune into the radio as the DJ announces the forecast for the next couple of days. The temp is due to drop twenty degrees by morning.
Now that sounds like a December day to me. I turn my attention back to my column and begin to write the news from the last month at The River.

A river is determined to follow her course. She continues to flow forward during the winter months of ice and even when she is blocked by natural or man made dams. The same strength can be seen with The River as it gathers new resources to ensure continual growth even during the slowest of months. In the last month, the journal has arranged two new additions while forming a new column that will begin in January.

One of the additions will allow the The River to continue to grow in material with help from you. We have added a donation button through Pay Pals to guarantee the chance of an upgrade at some point. We ask if you can donate what you can for every bit helps towards our goal. The second addition focuses on gathering new readers and contributors plus rounding together the old in one place with a profile on Facebook @ River Journal. My final announcement is the new column that begins next month called The River Review. The column will spotlight the newly published works of our readers and contributors in support of the hard work of poets, writers, and artists. If you are one with a recent or upcoming publication then contact Natasha at ae@theriverjournal.org.

Poetry Slam Update: One of the winners of the Poetry Slam will receive either an autographed copy of Jess Kristie’s new poetry book Dreaming in Darkness or a digital copy.

Positions Open


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