You are cordially invited to……..

Voices of Poets is an event to break the cyber barrier carrying the voices of  poets online around the world.

A Multi-Media Experience for poets and lovers of poetry

There are many poetry communities online that have open link times for poets to gather together. They read, learn, and critique each other’s work depending on what site it is and day. Here at The River our poetry mission has been to be a place for poets to be heard from around the world. Until now we have accomplished this by publishing the poems of poets but that did not feel like enough. It only encompassed the written word of voice. So, to keep with our mission we have come up with a way poets can be heard by sound with an online multi-media Poetry Slam. Then to add a little more excitement we have made it a contest too. The Poetry Slam will begin December 30th at 12pm CST for posting, listening, and voting and the doors will close December 31st at 12 pm. Invite

To be a part of the Poetry Slam you will need  to post a comment  the day of with the HTML of a audio recording or a video recording of your reading. Only one poem per poet can be entered in the contest.         *Some instructions can be found below.

*instructions – you need to have the know how of uploading Mp3 recordings to your computer or video uploading to Youtube

Video instructions-upload your video to Youtube and copy the link to share your video.

Audio Recording instructions- Mp3 player You need to upload your recording to share it.                                                                                                         WordPress account with extra storage

Free Online File Storage- Sound Cloud,  ADriveWindows Live, still more coming……..


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