Poetry ~ By Willow & Serina

Finding Yourself

Who could we be?
What is possible?
What is impossible?

Where is the key?
to finding ourselves
to finding oneself

We search ourselves
facing our fears
for so many years.

Our full being will come
One Day

Keep searching
You will find yourself
some day too.


Willow and Serina are 6th grade students who recently participated in the Thoughtful Art Project.  A testament to the power of the imagination, and a wonderful life lesson for all, this poem is the result of their involvement. Out of the mouth of babes!


2 thoughts on “Poetry ~ By Willow & Serina

  1. A devilishly tricky conundrum you’ve reduced to pen and ink. Now, where did I put my self again? Ah, yes, there on the page again, as did you, as well! And so youthful to have found what must be found. You should be ecstatic, you deserve that in the least.

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