Opinion~ Children and Art

In my opinion art is educational, expressive, and engaging and many would argue it’s better than TV or computer games. A Pediatrician calls these screen sports and saya to keep it limited per day.

Art changes throughout our lives from play dough, finger painting, coloring with crayons, to baking, writing poetry and stories, scrap booking, crafts, or viewing museum worthy art by notable artists from the present
and past. For mothers and fathers there’s nothing like the first piece or two of art that makes it’s place on the fridge, exhibiting as much love as beauty.

On an emotional level our own creations make us feel good about ourselves, this can help children to feel better and stronger about themselves. Art can help children to get in touch with their feelings and share these
with others ie., poetry, stories or drawings from their own lives. This can bring about empathy, admiration or a host of other feelings and bring children closer together.

Balance the activities of children with their sports, school and family time, in a perfect world, ha! We can help them to experience the vastness of art, as it is everywhere.

Personal note: Recently my son, a computer geek, put his b-day and xmas wish lists to a power point presentation with graphics! I was impressed as I watched it on TV. My coffee mugs are adorned with
my childrens special artwork that I can view every morning.


3 thoughts on “Opinion~ Children and Art

  1. “art is everywhere” – so so so so true! we only have to open our eyes and look around us and see that! you have made a wonderful point here – art is the most beautiful form of expression given to man, and there shouldn’t be one human being on this earth not experiencing at least one form of it! excellent!

  2. The value of art is vast. Whether creating or viewing it, there is an importance to art that transcends the concepts enjoyed by business, with the possible exception of advertising value. We all need to be in touch with art and artistic expression to comprehend our place in this life. That value, which cannot be quantified, escapes the world of business, as only that which can be quantifed can be controlled by the market. Thank you for pointing out the value of bringing children together with themselves though art. Time is not just money!

  3. Life without art would be a grey, mundane existence. Thank Goodness we have art.

    lol I have so many photos from when my daughter was under 5 naked painting away. 🙂 I’m sure she will love them later.

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