A Project for the Children

Quite a number of us, on The River, are parents with children still growing and living at home. A few of us have young children while the rest have teenagers in different points along their bloom. Regardless of age, each one is developing somewhere new and as their parents, we want them to have the best tools at hand to help guide them to reach their potential.

Often, we depend upon the educational systems to give our children the tools they need to succeed. They spend most of their days at school learning facts and social skills from the academic and social toolboxes around them. The boxes vary depending on the school’s location and funding. At the same time, the majority of schools lack the creative tools necessary for their children’s development. The education systems are once again denying that imagination plays an important role in building life skills. A timely philosophy for them to hold as they decide where to makes cuts in education due to the economic crisis. The reality is the cutbacks have nearly striped the arts.

A reality that is not OK. I know first hand the importance of creating if one has the desire.  I walk a creative path totally perplexed with the state of imagination right now. Most of us are concerned with the lack of music and art and that imagination keeps fading with the advancements of technology. They say you need to make change to bring change and that every little bit helps. We decided with that thought in mind to do our part and begin the Artful Thought Project. A project to help build the imaginations of children through creative activities integrated with literature and art. A project we bring to our neighborhoods.

The Artful Thought Project is designed in three parts with activities involving at least two creative tools. One of the activities needs to involve literature while another must engage the children in art. The third activity can use any creative tool available. The goal of the project is that a child will engage in an activity with his/her active imagination and will use deductive reasoning skills in completing the project. At the end of the project a child will have created two pieces of work that we will publish in The River.

Everyone is welcome to hold an Artful Thought Project!
please contact River at editor@theriverjournal.org
for details in joining the fight for imagination.

We will be publishing the projects as they happen.


5 thoughts on “A Project for the Children

  1. I love this project. It’s so cool too, the first two projects are done on kids totally different ages across the world from each other. It is versatile plus full of benefits for children.

  2. Schools in the US are cutting funding in the arts. When I was in school, I had art and music every day. Now my kids are lucky to get access to those classes once a week. It’s sad that the bureaucrats think arts aren’t essential because they are. But parents can and do off set this by being actively creative. Projects like this one here are inspiring.

  3. people fail to see the importance of art because each day they are being fed up with the economic problems of this world. but art doesn’t require money first of all – it requires passion! and somewhere deep inside each individual there is this passion! all people have to do is to open up to it and embrace it, and especially NOT prevent other people from doing that!
    this is something that can be educated in our children, and we, as parents, are the first ones to teach them about the inner and the outer beauty of art. i do hope that the generation coming after us will see this point…

  4. More and more the shadow of limitations presented by the world market economy presses in on all of our lives. There is such a great need for just such a thoughtful art project, as this artful thought project, that certainly it must be embraced by all. As need is the mother of invention it is also the greatest of motivational tools. Surely you have begun a great thing. Kudos.

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