Poetry ~ Robin Christopher Amaral


hear that sound ?
blood from ruptured ears
primal drumming
red-eyed rage richocets
do-gooders dodging
smith and wesson punctuation
inside question marks and lies

its the sound of one brick snapping
a corner stone mortar wash out
its called the limit –
how far ?
how deep ?
how much !!!

its anger hovering
over the button of no return
how hard !
how quick !

split hair trigger
middle fingering
quick draw tempers

“rage is the rage”

its the door man spitting on sidewalks
the blame game dealt in one suit
of studs and queens


its a dreamland in quicksand
sucker punch poets
peeling sleepless nocturnes
a cataclysmic chorale
shadow casting on deaf walls
archvillains typecast in lead
broken glass and bad luck
a showdown at last call
hit pause
ID what it is

Robin Amaral is an artist – creative, imaginative and insightful, able to express his ideas, feelings, and thoughts through the heart of a musician, eyes of a photographer and soul of a poet. His melody of words will immerse one into the depths of the psyche, creating an engaging visual world upon a breathtaking landscape painted in ethereal emotive strokes that caress the senses. His spirit is tightly bound to the wonders of nature, he is an adventurer, aware and  unafraid. You can discover more about him and his works at http://lapisbuddha.weebly.com/index.html.


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