Poetry ~ Amit Parmessur

My hallowed hands gently cleaning my feet,
I am soon soothing my bleeding knees,
like ladyfingers, playing a most delicate piano;
I feel pity for my selfless toes—
Teeth clattering in pious pain,
warm water welling in my glittering eyes
I feel like myself, a bird enclosed
by mountains as a flower is by green leaves.
I love this rare emotion, just feeling
like an obstinate atheist perusing the
pages of a most sacrosanct tome.
I love this lingering holy music ringing
and scampering in my rediscovered ears,
from my heart’s new oomph.
I adore being a child frolicking in young snow,
waiting for a bit of holy light,
looking for some sensible conclusions.
I don’t feel pain, anymore!
I don’t need anyone’s love. Blood
can’t cover my brave birthmarks.
I have reinvented my soul by loving myself.
I’m an immortal king, the one I have stumbled
upon on a golden wall in some dark night.
The smell of my blood is so, so juvenile—
I’ll shine, succeed and die only as myself.
I’ll shine eternally—
I keep pleasing my hands
while not displeasing my dreams, folding
them in front of my master’s crucified hands.

Amit Parmessur hails from Mauritius island. For someone who once hated poetry, he has now been published in around a hundred magazines. Burnt Bridge, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Aphelion, Censored Poets, Daily Love, Clockwise Cat, Catapult to Mars, The Camel Saloon, The Scarlet Sound, Red Fez and Eunoia Review are some of the places where he has appeared. He has recently published a book on blog entitled Lord Shiva & other poems at http://booksonblog4.blogspot.com/. He is also currently helping in the running of The Rainbow Rose.


2 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Amit Parmessur

  1. I love the symbolism and how you thoughts through out, were like threads, stitching the message of your poem.

    My favorite lines are:

    “I feel like myself, a bird enclosed
    by mountains as a flower is by green leaves.
    I love this rare emotion, just feeling”

    Really whispers soul’s breathtaking view of life. How unique, yet similar we all are!

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