Opinion ~ You Better Hug Yourself

by Michael Yost~

We cradle the child close when they cry;
Then whisper that everything is all right.As adults we sometimes go through some life changing trauma that moves us closer to the realization that our time is short and very precious.  If we can, we huddle and cuddle our way through whatever it is bothering us to try to make sense of the situation.If we’re alone when bad things happen, it can take our imagination into the world where things go bump in the night; and just like the child we all have inside of us, we need to be comforted.  We need to be able to lay our heads on a shoulder and let out all our sorrow and sadness or we can ball into the fetal position like the armadillo to try and protect ourselves from more harm.Some of us can put aside our anxiety and expose ourselves to those around us for the support we need during these crisis; while others can only wrap themselves within and suffer silently.A strange topic for an opinion piece I agree, but we all see these walking wounded around us.  They all carry themselves differently but you can tell that there is something not right.  For some of them, their personality changes overnight and others just seem to crawl into their own little world little by little until they become the fly on the wall or the invisible.

As poets and artists most of us try to express our feeling through our pens, brushes or keyboards to find some relief while others hit that wall where nothing seems to give relief and our feelings are kept inside causing greater anxiety and sadness.

When you can, comfort those around you or if you need comfort, “Reach out and touch faith…”*

*Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus” Lyrics


10 thoughts on “Opinion ~ You Better Hug Yourself

  1. “Consider yourself hugged.” I’ve found these words have an effect when spoken over the phone to someone who needs a hug. Its sad that so many don’t realize the difference between “need” and “want” in the world today. What you’re speaking to are, indeed, needs. Thanks for bringing them to light.

  2. Michael, this is a wonderful and very timely piece. So many of us struggle against what is expected…the men who shouldn’t cry, the ladies who do nothing but….just so you know,…I’ve got big shoulders, ready to help you weather any burdens. Thank you so much for this write!

  3. a wonderful reminder – thank you. just today I put my anxiety aside to cry on a friend’s shoulder and felt so much better. wish I would have done it sooner than now so I could have a more peaceful week.

  4. I could so relate to your words. I witnessed an accident this week and it shook me. No one really understands the impact of what I saw. It reminded me of another day, over 30 yrs ago, when I saw someone I know die. I am reliving that memory; I found a creative way to deal with some of it. We need to hug ourselves, is so true. We need to take out and allow the emotions to surface, feel and deal with them. This was a beautiful reminder~ Thank you!

  5. I’m happy this touched all of you in different ways. Some of the most important things in our lives are our abilities to love one another in time of their need and open up when we’re in troubled waters. Writing this was a great release for me and brought me closer to someone in my life. I wish the same things for all of you who responded and to those others who find this to be helpful to them in some way.

  6. 🙂 I can hold myself so stubbornly prideful as the one that keeps going through blow after blow with her head up and feet walking forward to so much of the world around me. But there are the few I cry upon their shoulders. They let me whine or rant too. We all need that. Great post Michael.

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