Editors Corner- Announcing….the New, the Event, and the Coming

A river is ever flowing forward as we are ever growing with new ideas, writers, and viewers. In the last month, our team as ebbed and flowed carrying us to my first announcement of the new members that have joined our team. I would like to give a big welcome to our new contributor writers Kim Troike and JS Wayne and our new Multi-Medium Editor Michael Dirnberger.  click here for positions open at The River.



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The second announcement I have to report is an event coming next month. We will be holding The River’s 1st annual poetry slam called Voices of Poets on December 30th. Poets will have the opportunity to share their work in readings through video or audio and vote on their favorite collaborate piece. We will offer more instruction mid December on how it will work and what you will need to do to be involved with it.


Voices of Poets is an event to break the cyber barrier and carry the voices behind the words of our fellow poets around the world. Mark your calenders and join us December 30th for a multi-media experience.

Submissions: We are always looking for works in creative writing and art related to our weekly theme focuses. Our December focuses are:

Spotlight: Children and Art

Writing Corner: Prose and Poetry

Passages of Thought: quote about thing undone and having to much

Worldly Affairs: Winter/Summer Celebrations


We would love to hear your thoughts :)

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