Poetry by Kavita Rao

Pixelated memory

Gestures flashed
like ominous streaks
of steely lightning

Words rolled
like metal beads
off a snapped nylon cord

Emotions flowed
like molten lava
from a furious volcano

Sparks flew
like limpid feathers
on a still Autumn eve

Silence pervaded
like an eerie calm
after a brutal raging storm

…. Then you were gone….

With the stars in my eyes
silently exploding
into a monotony
of nothingness
And all I could do
was stand there
looking at you
ashen faced
while you
into an
urn of

Kavita is a finance graduate with a sweet tooth and a strong affinity for aesthetics and  the English language.  She is an aspiring poet/writer with a dream to some day sign her own book of poems for a fellow enthusiast. She and some of her works have featured in literary magazines and online poetry circles such as  Like Birds Lit, Four and Twenty, One Stop Poetry and Jingle Poetry. She may be reached via her blogs at http://kavisionz.wordpress.comand http://kayleidoscope.wordpress.comphoto credits Kavita

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