Poetry by Beth Winter


sway stagger stretch

blazing strong
though confined
to a thread and a glass coffin
neither of which stifles
only traps

under control

only here
only here
be seen be felt
or be
s n u f f e d

thumb and forefinger
assumed power
ready to pinch on a whim

light takes flight
into the unlit
dank and
to tickle the edges of temptation

for fear of pursed lips
and forced breath
fails to quell

Beth Winter has been writing poetry since February, 2010 and currently leads a critique group on the poetry website All Poetry as well as maintaining her poetry blog at eclipsingwinter.wordpress.com . She lives and works in the Kansas Flint Hills, the largest remaining tract of tall grass prairie in North America, a unique place teeming with life, beauty, and history.


4 thoughts on “Poetry by Beth Winter

  1. Gifted writer with great sensibility! Beth is rooted in her life experiences and shares that with her friends.perfectionist and one that really studies form and the art of poetics.well done with this!

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