Opinion ~ To Bleed or Not to Bleed

How much blood and sweat goes into to what you write?  How much of the “real you” bleeds onto your pages? Do you try to limit your characters? Do you attempt to quiet your own voice so that their’s might better be heard?

I am a fond believer that this type of writing equates to censorship in its basic form.  When we limit our pens and their ink…when we run from the direction our creativity wants to lead us, we are not bringing our best writing to the table.

There could be any number of reasons for doing this to our work, but at the end of the day, it boils down to one major question…what will my readers think of me?  I personally have struggled with this, and as a lover of madness and mystery, it can definitely hamper your villain…or your hero.

When I read, I want to lose myself in the work, in strong characters and a fantastic story, but I also want to feel like I am in tune with the author.  I want to know what went on inside his or her head that has brought such a fantastic creation to the page. I long to feel a connection with the creator, their shadows and their light. I want to know they have bled their heart and soul into their work, birthed their characters and their stories from the core of their beings, in a fierce attempt to unleash the best story their minds and most of all, their hearts, have to offer.

Sterile, unfeeling, and completely fabricated characters leave me wanting more…and normally the more that’s missing, is the author themselves.

To bleed or not to bleed?  I personally think the answer is simple.


5 thoughts on “Opinion ~ To Bleed or Not to Bleed

  1. Agreed- a point not often brought up within critique or even acknowledged by the writer. I shall ask that question to myself when I finish a poem or a works of art.

  2. I sometimes dont write as fully as I might, when I know family will be affected by what they read. However, as a general rule, one’s central truth needs to be spoken for a work to be authentic and ring true.

  3. This writer, at least, could evoke a villian….or hero! Thanks for the example as you wrote this eloquent piece. Never having aspired to write anything more ambitious than a poem or two at one sitting, I wonder constantly how one can continue on with the same energy and in the same spirit after a hiatus into the world at large. Not so much the distractions as the facets of myself that seem misaligned for the task at hand. I feel I have too many of these facets, turning like one of those big disco balls, to see some of them more than once in my lifetime. Does anyone else have this problem?

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