Art by Robyn Bradford

Robyn is an artist of many talents. She has been featured in The River with her fabric art and now with her acrylic self-portrait. She lives on the LCO Reservation with her husband and five kids.


6 thoughts on “Art by Robyn Bradford

  1. Thankyou for your comments. I fell in love with Vincent Van Goghs “Bedroom in Arles” hanging in the Chicago Musuem of Art when I was around 18 and I decided one day I would paint this room with me in it, for many reasons that I will let you decide. It did go through an evolution of colors and changes, and images that came to fruition while I was painting it. Their is more in the painting you can’t see…but maybe River will have to come and visit again to get the picture in focus! I have titled it in my mind as – “Resting at my father’s house”

  2. Robyn’s husband here, and I feel the need to augment River’s mention of “…the colors two times more vivid and the focus right on.” This painting has been observed by other professionals and marveled at. You really need to see it in person, or at least more clearly. Kudos, River, for doing your best to reveal Robyn’s talent.

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