Poetry~ Lawrence Parent

occupy your world
occupy your thoughts
occupy your freedom
occupy your responsibility
occupy your purpose
occupy your self
occupy your life
and be your own person

Lawrence lives on the LCO reservation with his wife and five children.  He is a man of many traits that lives simple. He began writing with song that expanded to poetry and essay. When asked why he writes poetry he responds, ” I write poetry because there is no way to express what’s inside me in any other way.  Poetry speaks to the heart, not the mind.  In my experience, the heart is the most true.”


6 thoughts on “Poetry~ Lawrence Parent

  1. Have the courage to occupy your mind! Be one with yourself, your convictions. Your heart knows! Doing the right thing sometimes means being viewed as wrong by standards widely accepted. Ethics…personal ethics….not dogma, not rulebooks, what your heart knows is right. Whoops…I’m starting another rant! Lawrence, this is an amazing pen. You say, in so few words, what most couldn’t speak plainly if given an hour and a microphone!

  2. Thanks to all who commented, it gives me hope that I’m not alone in my thinking. Natasha, rant away, you don’t drone, so you’re always worth listening to(or reading). River, I thank you especially for the opportunity. Miigwitch! For the others, keep watching, I’m never far away, but I take a little nudge to get started. Take care all.

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