Poetry by Steve Shultz


Net worth vs. self worth
commodities at odds with gods
coin and paper invested mess
can’t barter hard times for rolled dimes

stay warm by fireside
embers of yesterday’s headlines
in jest, ingested trust fund
raise roof, immune from deadlines

the net has been cast
choose to be ensnared
or remove rusty hook
from cheek and be free

Steve Shultz is a poet, journalist and music aficionado from Denver, CO. He is a designer with The Denver Post, and has been writing poetry for 15 years. He is better known in the online poetry community as Uneven Stephen.

Steve blogs at Fractures Phrases and you can follow his words and recent postings on twitter! @fracturedphrase


4 thoughts on “Poetry by Steve Shultz

  1. This for me is detachment. I will not want what I can not have. The price of bread and milk are slaying my pocketbook, let alone taxes. Oil prices are dropping, yet it still cost me twice as much to run my car to work. Where are the huge profits of big oil and big banks going? 1.50 to take out MY OWN money? Oh my…I’ve been biting my tongue and am now prone to ramble. Steve, I could have written a book here, but I’ll just leave it at my rant. An awesome pen!

  2. well said Steve, many of us are struggling. I do have the essentials to be grateful for but anything additional my pocket is empty. I’m with Natasha on where is our relief? Gas and food are kicking me further down in the poor house. 😦

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