Poetry by Natasha Head

Credit Crunch
Just down the street and round the bend
You’ll find a bank who still will lend
The tellers show up dressed in black
With golden coins in velvet sacks
The smoke and mirrors hide the way
And passwords grant a chance to stay
Well hidden in this tiny hole
High interest rates will steal your soul
True riches pave the way my friend
But you must dare to wish again
There’s not a soul that can’t be bought
There’s not a dream that can’t be sought
Their contracts signed in blood are true
And in default they’ll collect you
So sign right here on dotted line
Just right beside clause number nine
Then everything you want is yours
Castles of gold with marble floors
The law of Midas is a must
The law of commerce we do trust
So all the money that you need
You can find in the blood you bleed
Just when you think you have it all
They’ll all be there to watch you fall
So please think carefully my friend
And be prepared to bleed again
While you’re here the world you’ll own
And then they’ll come to call your loan.

A day lighting real estate agent, Natasha has seen the banks completely take the legs out of a booming real estate market in her area, shutting down lending in an effort to protect profits. This poem was written in response to those actions, and speaks to her own experiences in these tough and troubling times. For more of Natasha’s poetry visit The Tashtoo Parlor


2 thoughts on “Poetry by Natasha Head

  1. Natasha, ever wonder what aliens do for money. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit lately, and the answers I come up with are disturbingly refreshing.

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