Opinion – Occupy together

People do not ask for things that cannot be done. People do not ask for rules that cannot be followed. People ask for what should be the essence of our existence on this planet – respecting each person’s right to a normal life, one in which that person’s sufferance should, under no circumstances, be purposefully caused by another human being.

I have read the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City and it hurts. It hurts to see that, in the 21st century, people still have to fight, even in a peaceful manner, in order to have their basic rights respected. It hurts to see that people prevent people from living a decent life, because people DO NOT OWN people.

Democracy, by definition, means “a form of government in which all the people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.­” Yet how many times people in all the countries on Earth have had the chance to say something? And even worse, how many times, when they try to say something, they are forcefully hushed and their attempts of righting things are repressed?

We are all flesh and blood. We are all inhabitants of the same world, but somehow in this moment the image that comes to my mind is a sequence from George Orwell’s “Animal farm”, in which it is stated “”All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Painfully enough, there is evidence of the truth in that line all around us nowadays, and we should find a way to put an end to that. We shouldn’t occupy just Wall Street, or just New York – we should occupy the entire world.


3 thoughts on “Opinion – Occupy together

  1. Excellent! Seems there’s always someone ready to walk on people to get what they want. In fact, it seems like that’s what we’re taught to do. I won’t do that, if I can help it, and neither will you, but you can only do so much. Good article, you have a good heart.

  2. What kind of world would it be if good hearts ruled the planet? I’ve had this discussion with a few folks who like to laugh at me. Money, power…this is the sort of thing that gains respect…right! That’s why 99% are finally finding the voice to say NO MORE. Liliana, love your POV…and hope a few more catch on.

  3. Thanks to all who ‘Occupy’ with this attitude, kindness, and love! It is these loving enlightened minds and hearts we need a public servants! We ultimately will/can endure and prevail! Thanks to those who help ‘Occupy’ in this way and help win over the minds and hearts.

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