Opinion~ Let us NOT be Like the Monsters

Growing up, I was taught to turn the other cheek.  I was taught that two wrongs don’t make a right.  Perhaps, that’s why, when the broadcasters who have chosen to belittle and ignore the protests that are occurring within their own countries, made the choice to air the video of Gaddafi being dragged and beaten through the dirt, I was, quite honestly, appalled.

When I watched politicians, presidents, prime ministers, step to their podiums to announce a great day for the world…I didn’t feel like celebrating.

Those videos, the comments, the celebrations, shook me to the very core.  How can civilized society celebrate this type of treatment to a living human being?  At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to.  No matter the crimes against humanity this man has been accused of, no matter his own past actions…how in the world is it enough to justify our own? How can we hold our heads high, claiming to be something better, if this is the type of behavior we are going to condone?


I do not proclaim to understand the suffering and terror the people of Libya have endured at the hands of this man. I have

been blessed by being born into a nation where I am allowed to speak my mind (within reason) and this time I could not stay quiet.

Growing up, I was also taught another little lesson.  I know, for a fact, within my heart of hearts, we do not defeat the monsters by becoming like the monsters.  I have been accused, more than once; of wearing rose colored glasses…perhaps it’s one of the assumed risks you take, being born here in my country.  But, between you and me, I do believe we have the power to change the world.  And I do believe that very power that we as global citizens now hold is what is needed most in this world.

Let us not be like the monsters! Let the love, compassion, faith, and hope that only our human hearts are capable of, stand up for the rights of all, the well-being of all, and let the monsters cower in our light.

We have run the gauntlet of selfishness, greed, and destruction of our planet and our own future long enough. There have been enough lessons throughout all of our combined histories to show us how NOT to live.

Let us not be like the monsters.

Photo Credit: Stephen P. Shultz (@fracturedphrase) “Heavy Skeletons” ~2011  FracturedPhrases


9 thoughts on “Opinion~ Let us NOT be Like the Monsters

  1. amen sistah…smiles. i felt the same when Bin Laden was being killed…the dancing in the streets, the celebrations…i know the man was evil but seriously…yes we can easily become the monsters

  2. Amen. Although I do believe that the lesson will never be learned, and we are already, the monsters that hide under the beds. Except, we are no longer hiding..

  3. “Might makes right” A slogan from the ’60’s. Seems like, hey, if you can’t convince them to see things your way (probably because your argument sucks) kill them, and get public support, of course.

    • I agree with everything you say. I was saddened to watch the pictures of Gaddafi’s final moments. He has done many wrongs but treating him fairly, trying him in court, then serving prison sentence, taking his liberty but still treating him humanely would have sent out a far stronger message.

  4. Might makes right indeed! I think we should make our leaders and governments institute anti-bullying days as well as our schools. It’s more than our children that need lessons in how to respect human life…if our leaders were a little more prone to, perhaps our children would follow. An eye for an eye only leads to blindness.

  5. I don’t profess to know all of the troubles and the ways to fix, but I do like following what’s going on and love to give my take so here it is. Libya was overtaken by it’s own people, who had suffered for so long, so good for them. If they chose to celebrate, well it was their fight for which they won, in my mind. Freedom came. I’m sure the wars of the past had celebrations amongst the winners. Now, if we can work at having verbal wars and not arms/guns then we will have advanced along with this technology that has spread like wild fires.

  6. They should celebrate finally being rid of such a person reigning over them, celebrate the victory of a better life, but celebrate the fact that he was dragged through the streets and beat to a pulp and all that crap, makes anyone no better than those they fight against. But if helps further the need for greed, i.e. more war, which is what those big companies want.

  7. I agree completely with every word you speak. It breaks my heart that people can celebrate the death of someone. The celebration of a brutal death as his doesn’t just break my heart it scares me to the core. That people are even capable of committing such an act. It is horrible that people that were treated violently turn around and lower themselves to the same level. Yes, the man was a terrible person and he needed to be stopped but that way? Then the media broadcasting the violent act. My goodness what is wrong with some people. I need to stop here…..

  8. Everything has gotten so out of hand all the way around. To be honest, I didn’t watch any of it. I can’t stand it all. How can we claim to be different and celebrate death of any kind is beyond me. It’s barbaric, and it makes me ill.

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