Global Protests: People Unite Against the Pirates of Today – updated

The Pirates we deal with today are not sailing as outlaws around the world scaring woman and children or charging villages with swords. They are disguising themselves behind suits and money. They are holding our governments ransom manipulating with strings of greed in hand. They are stealing from the mouths of babies with laws protecting them. Pirates have the upper hand while the other 99% of us stand on the planks of their control.

Who are these pirates that run the governments and rule our lives?  They are the Corporate, the Big Business, the Banks of the World. They circulate the money and own the media, they carry the jobs and make the laws, they hold the power and fully believe they can can get away with it too.

                        Until Now…..

People all over the World are  Peacefully Protesting

the Economic Injustices that Plague 99% of the World Population.


UNITED people are yelling NO MORE!


– It’s time for Change- 

A Global Revolution All Around the World

-It’s Time to Stop the Pirates-

Join the Movement

Occupy … Tokyo, Madrid, Costa Rico, Barcelona, Mexico City, Vancouver, Zurich, New York City….

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It  doesn’t matter what country you are from or if you are liberal or conservative you are one of the 99%. You might be one of the few not feeling the affects today but you will tomorrow. People are hungry, scared, and fed up. Their houses have been taken, pensions have been stolen, and jobs have been lost. All security has flown out the window and left people desperate to feed their families day by day. All conditions have worsen and will only get worse. People are angry and empty handed all over the world.  History tells us this is just the beginning…. unless change begins…….

There are protests across the United States in every large city. Many of them have been going on for weeks. The media just started covering them, but negatively. There is no mention of the unnecessary force police commit upon the protesters. The media is owned by the pirates in turn will only tell one story. There are protests around the world where people are risking their lives to stand strong against the “Pirates of Today.”  Each has a story, a story that needs to be heard. In a comment below leave the story of the protesting in your area.

United We Will Win!

I have added an important message to this post addressed to the 99%. Please watch the video:

An Open Message to the 99% (Occupy Wall Street)


5 thoughts on “Global Protests: People Unite Against the Pirates of Today – updated

  1. I have troubles comprehending such a vindictive view of the world. I have to dress up to go to work, but I don’t see anyone acting like a pirate. I see a lot of people working hard for a living. This type of hatred for others is difficult for me to understand. Don’t get me wrong, I have no wealth, but don’t group me with those 99% people who are throwing rocks and bottles instead of doing something useful…I’m sure I’m in the minority on this point.

    • Carl! Thank you show much for sharing your thoughts. I’m part of the 99% that gets up and goes to work everyday and tries my best to get by. I don’t throw bottles and rocks, but I do feel the ones that aren’t throwing them have to lend their voice. 99% of the population are in need…but we are all not in need of the same things to the same degree. I have been personally appalled by media antics throughout this, the misinformation. I think that might be what scares me the most.

  2. I’m for peaceful demonstrations(allowing for a few minor arrests). That is America and the fact that the rest of the world is doing it tells me those democracies are feeling the pinch also. Personal responsibility is paramount, don’t get yourself in over your head, even if they tell you that you can afford this or that, know your boundaries. I think the protests show an immediacy of the situation, whereas making laws, etc. takes time and maybe we have run down our clock. Don’t know which media you all are watching but mine seems to have a truthful handle and gives coverage. I do not like the opposite view point after staging their protests slight the opposite side now. See both sides, pick one and have understanding to be different finding commonalities.

  3. I’ve been following OWS, Occupy Wall Street, for about a month, watching it develop. Reminds me of the protests of the 60’s and 70’s, with the singular exception that then they were all about Vietman. Today’s protests are about money, something less specific and easily defined, and shared as an experience. Agendas, points of view, personal invovement and experiences, all are more relative to individuals. I have been watching on “Above Top Secret” and get more off-the-beaten-path news. Marines and veterans up in arms, literally, does not look like the talks are working. Someone’s not listening. I have to wonder, where are we going with this. People on the inside of the movement, because movement it is, are blasting out that, “Either you’re with us, or you support Wall Street.” Emotions like that are ruining the basic premise, as I see it, of solidarity, and creating too much diffusion of purpose. Wherever this takes us I’m just along for the ride. They say on the reservation (Lac Courte Oreilles) that noone here knew that the Great Depression of the 30’s happened because life here was always hard anyway. Maybe the same will be true, but we do seem to be more dependent on the government and the controlling devices of society these days. It is the breaking of our dependencies that I see as the whole point.

  4. I am one of the 99% that feels the affects of the economic crisis surrounding the world. I am struggling, scared, and pissed. I hear the rich are getting richer while the middle and lower classes get poorer. I remember promises told to us if we help bail out the bankers and I know the stories history tells of human suffering in the hands of a few. I believe corporations and big banks are the pirates we face today. I do not agree with everything inside of the movement. I believe we need to make changes and we need to stand up to the pirates. Is the movement the way to reach the means? Honestly, I have not physically joined the protests. I have by voice, but it really bothers me that people inside the movement are saying that you either agree with them or your on the other side. I do know this is the start towards change. It might even wake up many out of the trance the American media leads people. I added a video to the post that I hope all will watch. We all need to think for ourselves and not let any side make our decisions for us. We all need to search out and insist on the truth to be told. Every perspective available without bias oozing through the words.

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