Opinion~ Calling attention to all its wonders

by Michael Yost~
Celebrating fall and its colors
All the seasons have particular aspects I enjoy, but Fall is my favorite.  The rustling noise from the curling colored leaves against the blue sky gives a distinctive “rush” bringing back memories of my youth.  Living now in Southern California; when I take my morning walks I miss the beauty of the colored leaves and breathing in the crisp cool air.In celebrating seasons like Fall, I like to think of it on a daily basis.  I’m not always mindful of the process, but when I am I enjoy my day more.   Being mindful does have to have a sense of purpose; otherwise it only lasts for the moment when first thought of.When Fall comes up in conversation, I often think of my youth; starting with Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Those holidays always bring a smile to my face when I think of them now.  Candy and turkey are generally crowd pleasers for children of all ages.  As I grew older, Fall began to meld into all the others seasons and was usually indistinguishable one from another.When in love, Fall reminds me of how much time we may have wasted in the Spring and Summer; by not appreciating and fully developing our relationships with the ones we love.  Fall seems to bring out the need to enjoy the outdoors and when you’re with your loved one you can make up for things missed earlier.  You can start by giving more time, listening, and doing things not asked for.Traditional celebration of Fall deals with the bringing in of the crops, colorful backdrops and being thankful for all that we have.  Now in retirement I’m looking forward to enjoying new and different memories for fall.


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