Editors Corner~ A Milestone is Met at The River and the Announcement of NaNo

When I first began The River last June, I did not have any expectations for the papers future. All that crossed my mind was expanding my old column within an adventure that would stimulate my mind. In the months that followed, I endured a heavy workload and watched people come and go as the paper grew. There was a moment I could have walked away from the tiring endeavor that at grown to mean so much to me. Instead, I went forward with instinct and asked a new contributor if she would like to work along side me. Natasha was thrilled, full of excitement and ideas. That day, dreams were born and goals were laid down. I saw a future for the paper beyond the moment of now. A vision I watch every Issue come closer in hand.  Two weeks ago, we rounded the corner and reached our first milestone of 10,000 views. We had achieved one of our goals so we threw a cyber party located at the Social Zone for The River. It was a little rough on the edges due to being our first social event; nevertheless, we had fun and we will do it again. In addition, we thought it was only fair that The River receive some acknowledgement for the recent milestone. It was only fitting that the paper had earned the title Journal with it’s achievements in the Cyber World and deserved to have it’s own personal domain. So with that said let us raise our glasses high and make a toast to The River’s accomplishment of reaching 10,000 views and beyond. Let us make another toast to the future as the journal flows forward to higher ground striving to cross the next milestone laid down across her course.

I am thrilled to announce two new administrator positions were enacted due to the continual growth of The River. The positions were filled by our writers leaving room for us to bring two more writers onto our team. If  you are interested in applying follow these guidelines. The position of Creative Writing Editor has been filled by Liliana Negoi and our new Art Editor is Roger Baut.

I nearly forgot with all the excitment to inform writers and artists of our Theme focuses for November. We would love to receive poetry, opinion pieces and art centered around the focus of a weekly theme.  Of course, our submissions are open to poetry and art of all kinds.

Spotlight- AIM Movement
Writer’s Corner- Critique
Passages of Thought- Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas
World Affairs- terrorists


National Novel Writing Month: 30-Days of Literary Abandon
by Jamie

November 1 is the kick-off for the twelfth annual National Novel Writing Month, an internet-based thirty-day race to by-pass editor and critic and get 50,000 words of your novel done. The project, know as NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short, started in 1999 with twenty-one participants. Last year 200,000 people participated and produced 2.8 billion words. And, yes, some NaNo folks have had their novels published. Link HERE for a list of those published by traditional publishing houses. There’s no telling how many have self-published. Go to the NaNo site for more information and to sign-up. No charge. I’ve particiapted for three years. Link HERE for a little bit of what I’ve learned.


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