Poetry by Steve Murphy

Recurring Dream

Through the light and the midday haze,
I saw it – rushing towards me.
I knew I could avoid it – if I walked,
but I was stuck – I couldn’t move if I tried.

I’d seen it before, but not for some days:
last time it was hidden – behind an old oak tree.
I couldn’t escape, I was being stalked,
if I didn’t move, I know I would have died.

A recurring dream that puts me in a daze:
my arms like springs allow me to flee;
madmen, dogs and machetes: things I’ve talked
about, read or heard. Maybe they’ve fried

my brain, until I lay awake and amaze
myself just how ridiculous I can be.
I see myself in my dream – I’ve mocked
myself within the bubble. In my dream I glide –

avoid monstrous things. I blaze
above the ground without boundary.
Many a fright avoided, fleed, then chalked it up
to a page, in which, someone has pride.


Steve lives in Bedfordshire in the UK with his wife, their two sons, and the family Border Collie “Ollie”. Writing is therapeutic for Steve. He writes his life experiences down on paper/screen often allowing him to make sense of what has happened in a situation.
“Once I have it down on paper I can understand why it happened and if need be, be in a better position to make a decision next time. I don’t set out to write something for therapy sake but once it’s written, a penny drops.”
Steve is a published poet. His poetry book  Adrift in a Mind an be found at  http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/adrift-in-a-mind/15205963.
Also, you can find more of his poetry at Bringing Words to Life.

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