Poetry by Hugo Ramos

Anointing the Night

it’s the cabernet or too many
but something inside is making a mess
out of me

surrounded by curls of smoke
and dusty lights
your image is suspended
in my bullet hole colored eyes

i stroke the smooth neck of this bottle
its half-peeled label
reminds me of a flirtatious skirt
opening and closing in my hands

perhaps i should continue
anointing the night
with these milky thoughts—
watering its edges
until you return to me in full bloom.

Hugo lives in Miami, Florida. One of the reasons he writes is because of his love of the alphabet.  “I don’t see them as holding letters, instead they’re more like lines, dots, and curves. Once they’re creatively united they become the words and stanzas of a poem.  I usually arrange them based on the color, or image I see in a word.  I write because it feels natural to compose these symbols into something coherent, and being surrounded by rhythmic Spanish words has given me a whole new set of symbols to arrange.  This is why I love Miami, and why she’s become my latest muse.”
More of Hugo’s poetry can be found at his blog Hugopoems. 


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