Opinion – Blog vs. book

“Should I start a blog? Or should I write a book?” Many people ask themselves these questions, but the truth is that neither of the options excludes the other. One can do one or both things without a problem. We only have to learn the differences and see what fits best our inner structure.

What does a blog offer: the possibility to adapt, to easier reach people, to permanently change, improve, experiment, the possibility to find out under way what goes on and how your readers feel about your creations, the chance to interact with your fans and not only. You can express your opinions on more than one theme and make yourself known on various plans in the same time. A blog is an on-going experience, developing and shaping itself while you yourself grow. A blog can become a huge archive of “you”.

On the other hand, a book is apparently limited, because it only offers a piece of yourself, like a focused snapshot of your mind. And, as you probably may know, once published, it is very difficult to modify its content, to adapt it, to reshape it and so on. But its physical limitation turns to be an advantage in the second when you think about it as a clearly defined part of you. A book is a specific limb of your soul, not a dead one, but one alive, pulsating with your own energy. And do not think that at some point a book offers no more surprises and it becomes worn-out. The part of you that you share in it will always be a source of surprise – like a kaleidoscope. Each time one turns it, they will discover something new. That is the nature of creation.


2 thoughts on “Opinion – Blog vs. book

  1. You bring up some good points. Personally, I blog and am writing. I’ve found it’s the best way for me to go about it and it connects you to readers in a more personal level, while allowing you to express your creativity.

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