Did You Know ~ Publishing

As one who has been drawn to writing, and other creative endeavors, the thought of publishing my work eventually entered into my mind. Here are some of my observations for your consideration.

If the notion to publish your work takes ‘hold’ then you really need to seriously think about whether you want to self-publish, or be professionally published? This is probably the most important first step for a prospective author to take. So, if you have the ‘urge’ to publish, don’t just jump into it without first doing some really extensive homework.

If you want to be professionally published, then you need to verify, not by friends or family, whether what you have written, or produced, is really something that others may not only be interested in, but interested in purchasing,

If it is a book about poetry, art,  et cetera, you should really consider having it read by a professional editor and followed up by a consultation. Word of caution, you need to be careful with this, as there are a lot of pseudo-professionals around eager to give you their opinion for the going rate. Also, it’s very important to talk to ‘reliable’ sources. Be aware!

Self-publishing is the other option and may be the most expedient way for getting your work ‘out there.’ Blog and website information abounds on the internet. Take time, check them out, and keep notes.

For someone whom has, shall we say, “been there and done that,” and wants to publish a bit more professionally, there are sites that offer the opportunity to create a variety of books, and sell your book from an online store front.

Publishing your work can be a great adventure! Just remember to do your research and gather all the facts you need to make it a joyful experience!

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