Lavender Ribbon by Natasha Head

The Tashtoo Parlour ~ Poetry by Natasha Head


4 thoughts on “Lavender Ribbon by Natasha Head

  1. “Quiet your mind.” “Be still.” “Lose yourself in this moment.” “Above ~ below.” “Tethering you to the now.” “In this perfect pause.” “A time to reflect, to the embrace the lavender, and let yourself be.” What wonderful allusions to the TAO and wisdom teachings of old, and as the ancients said, “Be still, and know.” And lavender, itself, is used for relaxation, with the flowers burned or smouldered to induce sleep and rest, and scattered about the home to maintain peacefulness, according to Scott Cunningham.

    What a plethera of wisdom, poetry and art you have all bundled-up in this poetic treasure for “Blue on Blue.” More than one could imagine, and quite a pleasant surprise Natasha. Roger ☺

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