Edition 1 Issue 16

     Weekly Theme: Free- The many ways we perceive. 

        focus- Seasonal Writing Challenge 2011

           —Winner of the Fall/Spring Photo Challenge

and our own Blue on Blue poems.

Next week:

Edition 1 Issue 17
October 7, 2011-

Spotlight- ?

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4 thoughts on “Edition 1 Issue 16

  1. What a beautiful page! Absolutely amazing! And all of the poems were wonderful! They each were an exquisite reflection of “Blue on Blue.” A big ‘thank-you’ to each person who wrote to the image, and especially the winner Marousia! Congrats Marousia.

  2. Fantastic and beautiful front page. I so enjoyed all of the blue poems, very lovely work, kids. Congrats to Marousia. I am trying to locate her piece so I can read it. The River is rockin’ ‘n rollin’, kids. You are all doing great work, with wonderful energy!

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