Blue on Blue by Liliana Negoi

Endless Journey ~ Liliana Negoi


3 thoughts on “Blue on Blue by Liliana Negoi

  1. “Waters were made to mirror the sky first first of all, so that the sky would see its infinite beauty.” How lovely and wonderful to see this allusion to water being the mirror for the sky Liliana. Water wonderful water…reminds me of Mo Chao, which means serene reflection. “The lake is silent–no ripples. It reflects perfectly.” Osho. Definately a nice match for “Blue on Blue.” Thank you so much! Roger ☺

  2. Thought this just wonderful! You have lent words to so many of the same idea’s this piece inspired for me, and you have done so beautifully! The thought of the lake holding the entire sky and all her stars is brilliant, and allows my mind much room to play with such an inspired idea. Inspired and poetic work here, Liliana! Much enjoyed!

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