Opinion~ Fairy Tales

by George Aughey

Let’s create a “Fairy Tale” – Here’s a good one ; “The sky is falling, The sky is falling”.  Oh wait, that’s already a Fairy Tale.

OK, let’s try another plan: “The Earth is cooling! The Earth is cooling!” That seems to be working. We’ll leave it out there for a while.  Well, nobody seems to care, so let’s start another Fairy Tale

Let’s tell people we have some proof, like:

  • We’ll get a “consensus” (general agreement), from some scientists, that the “Globe” is warming. No duplicatable experiments, just a “consensus” – the public will buy that.
  • Polar Bears are dying. We’ll get some outrageous pictures, maybe some Polar Bears standing on ice flows as the flows melt.
  • We can say that icebergs are melting.
  • Use Al Gore’s book as a starting point.  That’ll work. OK here goes the next Fairy Tale:

“The Globe is Warming! The Globe is Warming!”  Cool it’s working!!

Oh wait – there’s more Polar Bears now than when we gave first warnings?  The icebergs melt every year?

Well, our “consensus” is still working.

“The Globe is Warming! The Globe is” —–What-emails are you talking about?  The emails that say, “the data that gives the conclusion the “consensus” makes was falsified?”


Well we still have Al Gore!!

What do you mean the people think he is a stupid old fool!

. . . .

.. . …

Well, on to our next “Fairy Tale”!!!!


One thought on “Opinion~ Fairy Tales

  1. It has almost become a trend, hasn’t it! I believe it to the fullest, and feel I’m dodging cloud pieces as I write this. I don’t think it’s a case of crying wolf, and think it’s a very grim fairy tale indeed. It’s like a buzz word, embraced by ad execs all over. I would love to be a fly on the wall for some of these supposedly ‘green” companies that have jumped on the band wagon, and, pardon my language, have bastardized a very genuine concern.

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