It’s amazing when people say they just don’t trust the medical establishment, but break a leg or face an unpredictable illness and they rush to the doctor.  Flue season and they get shots against dangerous mutating viruses.  They marvel over our forays into outer space, black holes and dark matter, all things that science has frequently predicted and often proven, primarily though computer modeling.  But when it comes to global warming, they become irrational doubters of every bit of scientific revelation accepted by Nobel Laureates from every corner of the globe.  Who do they think they are?

Evidence of global warming is not just heresy or guesswork, but the result of definitive evidence from weather patterns, core ice samples, archeological digs revealing past climate variations, the relocation of animals and their habitats, plant extinction, the proliferation of diseases into new regions, melting ice caps and droughts.  The Union of Concerned Scientists published a booklet for every region of the country a few years ago, and their predictions of climate changes in Minnesota were right on the button. “Such things have always occurred,” doubters will say.  True.  But over eons, not with the rapidity we now experience.
Deniers have swallowed false myths hook line and sinker, myths perpetuated by corporations and paid “scientists” whose objective is to make money while they can, never caring what happens when we run out of fossil fuel. They assume that by the time they die, someone else will have solved the problem.  Beside, its too big a dilemma to do anything about and the model is self perpetuating.  Where does one begin?  So we continue as is, because its the easiest thing to do.  And unless others bite the bullet, why should we?  Illogical doubters, by doubting, feel excused from action while forests burn around them and ice melts. Apocalypse now. They didn’t see it coming.


3 thoughts on “Opinion~ GLOBAL WARMING RANT

  1. The proof is in the pudding, the evidence there for all to see…but some will turn a blind eye and say nope, not me! Where have our honey bees gone? What WILL become of the polar bears? Let alone us! I’m not about to hide out in a bunker anytime soon, but I am terrified for our future, the future of my daughter, the future of the planet.

  2. You make such a valid point here, when you write “doubters, by doubting, feel excused from action.” That hits the nail on the head. The multinationals that are raping the planet, CANT admit there is a cause and effect happening – they might have to give up some money. And money rules, right? But, as my friend, an activist and environmentalist, said “But the spirit liberates.”

  3. you are so right about this…i keep talking to people around me about this matter (and about other matters actually) and often i remain surprised at how they tend to ignore even the most elementary judgement regarding the future of our planet…human beings can be so awfully selfish and willingly ignorant about the truly important aspects of life on earth…

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