Opinion ~ Global Warming – Fact or Fallacy?

by Marion Friedenthal

As an inhabitant of planet earth for more than half a century, I have noticed definite changes in weather patterns. However, personal observations are not sufficient to warrant support of the theory of global warming.
In my opinion, what lend credence to the theory are facts such as:

Since 1850 recorded global temperatures have increased worldwide, with the warmest years occurring from 2001 to 2010. The coolest year was 1901. While there is plenty of opportunity for error, when comparing temperatures from 1850 to temperatures in 2011, technology over the past 50 years has made such advances that consistency surely exists in new methodology. To my way of thinking this must have led to consistency in the results of average global temperatures over the past two decades.
Whilst some regions of the planet have actually cooled somewhat, at Bellingshausen Station the Antarctic Peninsula has warmed by 4.5°F (or 2.5°C).

The total surface area of glaciers worldwide has decreased by 50% since the end of the 19th century, with the most significant changes occurring since 1995. As there are no forests in the polar-regions, this surely lends the lie to the argument that de-forestation, not global warming, is causing the disappearance of the snow cap that adorned Mt Kiliminjaro for 11 000 years.

Whether all the reasons for global warming have been accurately identified is debatable. However, there are many indisputable facts that global temperatures are increasing. Temperature increases may seem to be insignificant in actual numbers, but are significant in terms of effect. As with everything in life, there are proponents for global warming and the naysayers who believe it is nothing but a fallacy.

We ignore the reality of global warming at our own peril.


3 thoughts on “Opinion ~ Global Warming – Fact or Fallacy?

  1. At our own peril indeed! As a Maritimer, I have seen lush forests turned to nothing more than choppings, and our fisheries are dying! We ignored the warnings about sustainability to the point where we have entire communities laid off with the closing of lumber mills,and the shutting down of the fisheries. Did we not know how long it takes to grow a tree!? Did we not think our gluttony in the name of profit would eventually deplete itself! Global warming has been such a catch phrase for so long, it’s easy to ignore the seriousness of the issues…even though we can feel the changes and experience it all for ourselves. Just my two cents…for what ever it may be worth! 😉

  2. Nicely written and backed-up with plausible information on global warming. I keep up with this topic from a research perspective as well as from my own personal experience. From my standpoint, I can say that the climate in SE Michigan has definately changed over the past several years. Having lived all of my life in Michigan, except for several years with the U.S.A.F., I can attest to witnessing climatic changes here.

    The winds have increased here since January of 2008 and are more regular than they ever were. I used to be able to go hiking and taking photographs until early December. I am no longer able to do that. This year the cold weather stayed well into May, and then we were subjected to about 6 weeks of ‘hot’ weather this Summer, with more rain than usual. September hasn’t been all that nice either, and seems more like what October is like. Speaking of October, it used to be a wonderful month for the most part, and as a child have many fond memories of it; especially since the Autumn is my favorite season. Unfortunately, I do not see this October, as other ones might have been. The we used to have what the call “Indian Summer,” but haven’t seen that in a while either. But, it is what it is.

    Thanks for sharing your information on the subject ‘global warming’ it was appreciated!

    Roger ☺

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