Poetry ~ By Steve Shultz


inner battle
waged behind
ribbed cage

mind’s blade
never fading

dark shoots
through core
like bamboo

outside shell
a star dies
cardboard cutouts

forecast stones
shatter 2D statues

dust collects
spring cleaning
in everwinter

cold snap
warmth melts
ice stabs
soul shivers

impatient wait
for karmic slivers

looking for
bright side
in blinding field
of minus signs

Steve Shultz is a poet, journalist and music aficionado from Denver, CO. He is a designer with The Denver Post, and has been writing poetry for 15 years. He is better known in the online poetry community as Uneven Stephen.  This poem also appears in the recent collection of offerings for the Take It To The Streets Poetry project. An effort to get words to people who couldn’t normally get to them.

Steve blogs at Fractures Phrases and you can follow his words and recent postings on twitter! @fracturedphrase

4 thoughts on “Poetry ~ By Steve Shultz

  1. Steve has such a fantastic voice within his writing. His style is both unique and original. His powerful lines speak 1000 words beyond what is viewed, and the mind is always freed to take whatever direction it feels within the pieces. I have no doubt I could pick out his work in a sea of thousands…I am particularly drawn to the word play and rhythm in this write. Fierce is a word I like to use to describe his work.

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