Poetry ~ By Divya Sachdeva


Deep opal sky

but sun forgot

to scintillate

its rich inner light

the peaches – stuck

in the air

forgot the nectarine’s flowing flare

At this stillness

when nothing moves

only my breath

forms a part of

this zephyr

Lying on mattress of verdant greens

the gentle summer breeze

drapes my being

Laced by

moving shadows

of still mountains

that falls on silent green verdure

Capturing the azure

with inconsequential eyes

I am raised to the beyond

and begin

to absorb

the fall of flowers

and suckle of fruits.

Inhaling my every sense

I swim to find

the treasure of my existence

Staring the nothing

with closed eyelids

I pass

into the transient

hanging like the peaches

neither bliss

nor pain

just in sound sleep state

still my feathery soul ruffled

rigid(s) shifted and disappeared

Thoughts replaced

What I have

No remembrance

Only luxuriant impermanence

Eyes opened

and flexed my arms

looked above and below

Can’t find

Where I am

Is the sky above

or below the ground?

Divya is a student of poetry with the London School of Journalism.  In her words…“I write to connect with my inner self and help the reader connect to that emotion or idea that I felt. I love the dancing of words on the music of my mind.”

You can read more of her work at her blog http://divyasachdeva.blog.com  or follow her on twitter @divyaasachdeva

One thought on “Poetry ~ By Divya Sachdeva

  1. Thought this such a beautiful write, and it fits so wonderfully for our Passages of Thought theme. The language is fantastic, as to is the sense of losing yourself in nature. After a hectic morning…this reminded me to breathe! Thank you 🙂

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