Editors Corner- Seasonal Challenge & more…..

We are a literary and art publication with writers from all over the world. Our readers reach even further across borders through the far corners of the globe. Our publications enter this vast space all at once in the many different time zones you all reside in. I admit it was one thing to say “lets make it global” and a completely different to think globally. A way of thinking that has slipped some of our minds on occasion. Honestly, I think it is harder for us Americans to grasp than our writers in other countries. Global thinking does not usually enter our daily or even weekly lives in America. Of course, that is my observation and another piece all on it’s own. I mention this because it recently came up in our discussion on our seasonal challenge. We realized if we are to conduct a seasonal challenge worldly then it must be acknowledged that half the world is in one season and the other half in another. So, with that thought in mind I would like to announce that our Fall/Spring Writing Challenge is underway. The writing contest is a photo challenge to a photo by Roger Baut called Blue on Blue. For further details click here.

In addition, I would like to announce a new series called A Tapestry of Poetess’s that will be running twice a month until we reach the end. It is a closer look at female poets through time. The series began last week with Liliana’s piece called The First Written Bones. It will continue next week with a Greek Poetess.

I am happy to report we have two new writers to our team, Annie Brodrick and Tommy Herman.




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