Poetry by Paula Lietz

A Split Second Seizure

whole lot of scared lurched with barbed scars into
fresh lacerations exposing not a time line but my life line
staggering through unspoken discourse I know well
there is no direction there is no path

free falling amongst insensibilities and misspent energies
bridging my life, passion on my heels kinetically knitting
to the unknown future ahead of me, an enchanter this weaver

I crash and burn into the rapids of the river knowing
calmness is there, I was told so, deep and unflustered in her
tranquility yet I can’t recognize the reflection in this pool of life
I try to sooth the eddies, swallowing water, like an eerie split second
seizure I will remember drowning into forever

erotically we cascade over each other fashioning the current,
becoming each others muse, merging of elements creating chaotic choices
in one’s existence, the essence bigger than I yet it is just ‘ I ‘, be still, did you
perceive this phantasm of life, the universe is silver-tongued

above me below me and all around me I firmly know this balance I seek
is at my outstretched fingertips absorbing lessons within this river flow
it’s the reach that signals my growth never settling for whats within my grasp

Paula Lietz is an artist and a writer of unsettled curiosity that resides in central Canada. Paula is inspired by the nature
and the beauty of the environment she is surrounded by for her art and poems.

“Always be in the process of becoming and never just being’ Carpe Diem.”


6 thoughts on “Poetry by Paula Lietz

  1. This poem was an unanticipated pleasure. The poem does begin with a lost sense of the confusing angst that life often brings us to. But unlike many poems I have read of late … Paula, within this poem is not lost, nor filled with angst, instead she sees and feels her part in life. She becomes a part of it, a part of the river of life, understanding her intrinsic role in this stream that we call life. The poem gives us the understanding … that the author knows that: “we are all one in spirit.” That fact sets this poem apart from many.

  2. Old Raven! You’ve shared wonderful thoughts regarding this piece that I couldn’t find the words for. It’s so very true that in spirit we are one…I do my best to remember that, as so many of us struggle through these difficult times. I found a sense of calmness and acceptance within the poem…two things I am always grateful for.

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