Poetry by Abin Chakraborty

Unspelt Desires Dance

My unspelt desires dance
Beyond the fence of do’s and don’ts
And tease my strings of
Perfect masks
To loose and flap
In monsoon breeze
To feel the rain on open lips
And drench anew my arid words
That long to break in glowing flames
And kindle what hands my have not
Wrought so far in black and white.

Sings to moon the moistened grass
And rattles all my window-bars.

Abin Chakraborty

Abin Chakraborty lives in Kolkata, India and is a Senior Research Fellow, Department of English, University of Calcutta. He explains  he writes poetry for different reasons, “..at times for therapeutic purposes, at other times to express intense but unexpressed emotions, at times to make others concerned about certain beliefs and opinions which I passionately live by, at times for the sheer aesthetic pleasure of creating poetry”  More of Abin’s poetry can be found at Abin’s Literary World.


2 thoughts on “Poetry by Abin Chakraborty

  1. One lovely December someone wrote it, his heart numb with desires unspoke, writhing with the power to emerge and finding their way through his lips, as a song for a sweet breath

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