Editors Corner

*Attention Contributors and Readers*

I would like to inform you about some changes that are about to happen with The River.  No need to panic and run around screaming or curl in the corner biting your nails (lol). We are not ending the paper,  but we are revamping our writings and delivery of the paper. Our goal is to bring you consistency through weekly themes in hopes of improving the paper for you, the readers and contributors. We would love to hear your opinions on our soon to be changes and your thoughts on them when they come to be by way of Letters to the Editor.

The weekly themes are general topics that will have a different focus each month. The articles, features, and columns will be geared towards the particular focus of that week.

Weekly Themes

Week 1- Spotlight people and groups in the limelight

Week 2- Writers Corner tips, information, and description

Week 3- Passages of Thought quotes, phrases, movie blips

Week 4- Worldly Affairs environment, relations, events

beginning September 2011

The third week of every month I will give a heads up about the upcoming months focus through the Editors Corner. We would like the contributors to consider the themes focus with their submissions. Please don’t let that stop you from submitting though.  You never know what we would consider to fall under a focus or it might be perfect for an upcoming edition.

The September Weekly Themes Focus

Week 1- Spotlight – Poets United

Week 2- Writers Corner – Poetry

Week 3- Passages of Thought -The now of Buddhism

Week 4- Worldly Affairs – Global Warming

The Editors Corner will be a place for challenge announcements and other events  too. In addition, I will have short stories of my experiences as the editor of The River.

Thank you for your support!


4 thoughts on “Editors Corner

  1. It’s incredibly exciting to see the paper evolve on this journey! I think the upcoming changes will be an awesome start to interacting more with the reading public, and I know I hope to engage in conversation with many of you, as we bring some exciting new features to the editions. Stay tuned! 🙂

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