Did you know ~ Writing is therapy

Why do writers write? Why do I write for that matter? I had never thought about it much before, lost as I was in the destructive rush of everyday life. Until it came to a crashing halt that is. Then it was like opening a dam. Someone suggested I write everything down, get all the turmoil that was raging inside my head at the time, out on to paper and into the ‘real’. I did exactly that and haven’t stopped since (be careful what you wish for Mister). I borrow a quote from the American journalist, Joan Didon – โ€œI write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fearโ€. She sums it up succinctly. That is precisely why I write. I started blogging nearly a year ago as a way of finding out what was going on in my head, a way of delving into feelings and emotions I had buried for so long. It’s a necessity, as important to me as eating or breathing. As a consequence, my life has now slowed to a manageable pace I can cope with, and I can look at how I feel about things in a new and healthy way.

I’m not sure my non-writing friends really get it, although I suppose my repeated insistence that I am writing when I am clearly staring vacantly into space, isn’t convincing. And granted, wearing pj’s until after lunch, and moaning that someone has upset me on twitter, doesn’t look like ‘work’. However, I do it daily, like brushing my teeth. It’s my life now.

Mind you, I never thought I could. I’m someone who frequently struggles to string two sentences together when speaking; why would I expect to be able to write? I’m not really sure, but it allows my soul to sing, to fly and reveal itself to the world. I’m on a journey of self discovery, and the more like-minded souls I can find along the way the better. Why do you write?


7 thoughts on “Did you know ~ Writing is therapy

  1. 3 am vacantly staring into space, coffee in one hand cigarette in the other, oh…I’ve so been here so many times!! We all have our reasons Lou, it’s just amazing that we can do this thing. It’s a gift, and a curse on sleeping lol!!

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