Poetry ~ Hope Hayduk

Hope Hayduk is a mother to six and a grandmother with a creative mind and warm heart. She  loves to read and write poetry. “Writing seemed the best way to express myself and blogging seemed the best way to communicate with others with the same interest.”  When one enters Hope’s poetry blog you are greeted with beauty as flower petals gently float down  among the folds of an Orchid.  The title is shared with an anonymous quote that  speaks of the heart of Hope and begins the journey to her world of words.   The Works Of Hope

“to know is nothing at all to imagine is everything”


Amongst the sea in hidden streams
My bated breath is holding dreams

To reach, to touch, to hold you near
To have you now once more appear

Drawing tears and so much more
Beneath the depths of withered shore

Choking wails convulse the ground
Announcing pain profoundly sound

Once a life transformed to dream
Is now bound up in stifled scream

If I break loose the binding ties
Then all I’ve known shall also die

In woeful cries I swallow it all
For fears of what remains will fall

For sorrow looms a bitter weave
And leaves my soul to die and grieve

If only I could last embrace
But chains and shackles are set in place

To moor me to my haunted heart
Until this fleshly world I part

~hopehayduk 2011~


7 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Hope Hayduk

  1. I am honored and grateful that you felt that my works would be of interest to your readers. And I thank you for inviting me here and sharing your thoughts.
    love what you are doing here. More power to you!


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