written by Liliana Negoi~

I was watching a bit of some TV coverage earlier about an e-book exposition, and suddenly the expression “There will be a day when the traditional paper printed books will become a luxury destined only for collectors” hit me in the head.

I love books. I simply adore the feeling of turning  the pagesone by one , feeling the paper exposing its fragility to my fingertips together with the amazing strength of its content to my soul.

For me – like for many people – a book is like a chrysalis: once the cover unfolds, the wisdom inside it spreads its wings and flies towards the sky in its entire beauty. Of course, there are also many people for whom butterflies are no better than the original caterpillars. The point is that, with time passing,  fewer people understand that books are the memory of humanity.

Too many books were lost in time, like those in the Library of Alexandria, those burned by the Inquisition, or others that simply couldn’t resist time or ignorance’s assault. We rejoice when we discover some lost scroll because we feel that we manage to somehow defeat time and death. What should be noted is that it’s not just the text of that scroll that represents a treasure, but the scroll itself, that piece of paper rotted by ages that proves that fragility can bridge minds across millenniums. Electronic books are indeed wonderful means to preserve the message. But the original words remain attached to the paper that first exposed them to the eyes of the readers.

I am a book collector.

I will always be one.  I want to remain one because of my love for books, and not because technological evolution intends to condemn to death the traditional paper printed tomes.


10 thoughts on “Opinion~Bookworm

  1. Hey this is true , to some hearts the immortality of paper and the everlasting taste of scroll shall never die ..so the book stays much above the antiques in the shelves of time ….

  2. I love books too. I love the feel of them in my hands and the smell of the pages. Great write Liliana. A wonderful topic to cover on an online paper. I am sure you have reminded many people about a love they lost to an e-reader. 🙂

    • i hope i did River :). it is indeed a subject that brings me a lot of pain because i grew up literally loving books and i would hate to see these trustworthy friends of mine go extinct…

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