Poetry ~ by Nickolas Lotze

Nickolas began writing poetry back in 2008 after the death of his best friend.  Currently, he is in Iraq as an Infantryman in the US Army. Nickolas is originally from California  and when he is not deployed is stationed in Texas. He believes he writes poetry to keep himself from being  jaded and from drowning in his own cynicism. Nickolas explains, “I write to get all of that out of me and hope it doesn’t corrupt anyone who reads what I’m writing.” You can find more of Nickolas’s poetry at everything is temporary.

“Inform the Operator”

Inform the operator she is no longer needed
and whilst standing by on the other side of the line;
everything she had to say seemed so contrite
but still I remained polite in asking her
to connect me but interference was implied.

Instead she declined
then offered to paint a picture through the fiber,
one that seeps directly into my mind
and then she was asked if assistance was required
but my thoughts were still in a bind,
reasoning of what coexistence could mean
if spent with a voice that had no face.

Furtherance through a long distance relationship
that started with empty words spoken without grace
before becoming a hollow tone thrown into a void
where static sits atop a throne.

Signals crafted by the manipulation of ones and zeroes
by the slender fingers of the operator
for the disconnection of voices from the wired;
a limbo neither too far from the endless desperation.

So we seek and find resolution
via a disembodied method of faux redemption
in this ever so active state of electrical salvation.

Please inform the operator her line has been cut
for the good that’s no greater than what should be;
it’s for the voices left so cold lost together
but all alone waiting in hesitation.


2 thoughts on “Poetry ~ by Nickolas Lotze

  1. First thank you for your service. Telephone conversations can be hard very hard when you are already in a stressful state of mind; especially with disinterested operators. When my ship pulled into Spain after a Persian Gulf cruise the operator was rude and hard to understand. I just wanted to see if my wife and second newborn was OK. Good write. Godspeed!

  2. sounds very frustrating….hard for me to relate to since I have never had to deal with operators or even a long distance relationship like so many people do. Although, it is always interesting to gain insight into experiences that are foreign to me so I enjoyed the read.

    I also thank you for your service….and while the catalyst was awful, I am glad that you started writing poetry. I write to get the cynicism out of myself as well – it’s never ending so I just keep writing 🙂 Hope you do, too.

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