Poetry ~ Luke Prater & Sheila Moore

Luke Prater~  Luke lives in the UK. He is the founder of Facial Expression Poetry Circle and part of the team at d’Verse Poetry Pub. Luke loves to write poetry. As he states, ” I write because I love it, I need to write, and because I believe poetry is a great medium for expressing not just our own personal stuff, but social/political issues that must be brought to light/amplified.”  His poetry can be found at WordSalad: Luke Prater’s Poetry Blog


To drink her bathwater;
kneel at the altar of her temples.

To feel the mouth inside my mouth water –
the one that susurrates only
in patois of Love and Truth.

Won’t write of roses, or
the ground she walks on; such
platitudes would be an insult –
even if careening, visceral selves
know of that ecstatic tumult.

© Copyright Luke Prater 2011


Sheila Moore~ Sheila lives in the Midwest of the US. She is inspired to write by nature and by the perseverance of the human spirit through trying times. Sheila is  a poet, writer, and photographer. Her poetry can be found at She’s Writing-

Following One Home

It creeps in like a cat burglar;
pillaging bits and pieces;
at first, just here and there,
but eventually, everywhere;
and it feels like being skinned alive.

The doctors tried to replace what it destroyed –
the defenders of gifts more valuable than
da Vinci’s paintings or Faberge’s Eggs.

Yet, no lock ’n key guarantees protection from its raids.
No security guard, no alarm system, no watch dog can,
without fail, ward off the robber who strips a house clean,
leaving its space as empty and dark as solitary confinement.

I do not know when the last crumb was swiped
by the Grinch who stole Christmas
or when all of your gifts – except for One –
were bagged and thrown up the chimney.

The One cannot be stolen or imprisoned.
Nor can it be tossed out into the cold
because The One is a gift
that transcends space and time.

After The One went home, how long did you hang on,
trying to subsist in this world for the sake of those you love,
while already existing in the next? 

The One, who loves even more,
decides when it is time to go home –
to where it is safe and warm;
to where the desolation is gone
and the prison ceases to exist. 

You had to let go and move on to where
The One within you had already arrived.
You had to go home to be complete
and truly free.


5 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Luke Prater & Sheila Moore

  1. sweet…two more dVerse team members…been reading both of them for a long time…both very talented…have sheila’s chap book as well which i highly recommend…and what can you say of luke, amazing creative wordsmith and intelligent writer….

  2. Well you know that I absolutely adore both your work. Thanks ever so much for submitting to us! Especially work of such high calibre, you two are going to be hard acts to follow!

  3. Thank you for publishing my submission. I have enjoyed perusing this week’s edition…some impressive articles to say the least. Brian, thanks for the chapbook plug. Poet love to you all!

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