Music Review~ Fleet Foxes ~ Helplessness Blues

Music Review ~ The Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues

The fleet foxes are where modern poetry meets alternative folk music. Having become an ardent fan after listening to the predecessor to this album, originally titled Fleet foxes I couldn’t wait to hear this long awaited second album. The band themselves hail from Seattle, shocking really as the City has spawned great nineties bands such as Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, this is not grunge music. Its music for those of us who were about, and wish we were born in the golden era of sixties harmony. For those of us who want to hear better lyrics than “Oh baby, you make me sweat”, and those of us who like to close our eyes and get lost in music.

Fleet Foxes ~ Helplessness Blues

Having taken over a year in studio to put together, admittedly I was expecting great things. This band went platinum with their first album, and after countless tours with their 12 strings and symbols playing greats such as white winter hymnal and  Mykonos, they seem to have come up with an album of twelve songs that are good, but not amazingly good. The title track, helplessness blues is the strongest track on the album, and whilst rich in the harmony, lyrical guitar riffs and melody which you expect from the Foxes, it’s no Meadow Lark.

My personal favourite track is someone you’d admire

Fleet Foxes ~ Someone you\’d admire

Could probably listen to this all day on repeat.

Whilst I keep referring to the first album, I remember the first time I listened and I thought “who the heck are these”. It took a while for the album to grow on me, I’m hoping this second album has the creeping effect. So far I’ve only listened to it a few times, following them on Facebook, they were forever agonizing over the strength of certain songs and changing riffs before the album was released. Even up until a few days before the release.

In my honest opinion, a few of the songs are disarmingly beautiful, I’m looking forward to listening a few more times with a good glass of wine and my feet up. Definitely an album to chill to.

Fleet Foxes ~ Bitter Dancer


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