Opinion~ Graduation Day

Often we don’t have a certain direction, we let us live and go with the flow, and time decides whether we’ll take the left or the right, whether we’ll go up or down, whether we’ll choose right or wrong. Et caetera.
It is simply a matter of trust in our Fate and of hope that Life will decide for us better than we would at that time. And I think that such an exercise of faith does good to our soul, from time to time. It teaches us how to accept the others around us, no matter the situation. And it also shows us if we’re dignified to receive the supreme title of “human” being. For being “human” is, above all, the most important quality in the world. And we, people, often forget this, and hurt the one next to us, and realize we’ve hurt them only when it is far too late. And then it is only up to the one we’ve hurt to be human enough and forgive us…
(In some ways, my dear reader, we never grow up…no matter how desperate we are to prove to us and to others this thing, we remain forever the same children, that sometimes cannot solve their own problems and need others to help them…).
It is simply one of life’s so many exams…and there is a point where we simply draw a line and analyze the “graduation day”, after that exam. In the end it is only love that counts. Because love brings us together and makes us cross borders that others don’t even dare to look at. And after all we all know that this won’t be the last exam. But each one shows us better and better ways to improve ourselves as humans.
The question is: do we really want to graduate?


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