Opinion ~ Conspiracy theories –by Timoteo

Conspiracy theories abound. There is a growing movement out there that suspects a government cover up of the events of 9/11. .And now, former governor Jesse Ventura is making noise about a plot to round up Americans and put them in internment camps. (Google him on You Tube to get the skinny on this.)
We need to keep an eye on government. It’s supposed to be by the people and for the people–remember? So a certain amount of skepticism and mistrust of a government that has grown too big and too fat is healthy. And yes, we have all seen footage of swat teams beating down citizens’ doors–sometimes the wrong doors–in the name of a failed policy called the Drug War. And reasonable people can look at these things and the words “police state” can come to mind.
But the high-profile fear mongers–such as Glenn Beck and Jesse Ventura–may have self promotion as their highest priority. All we need do is use a little common sense. With all the troops stationed around the globe in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, our military is stretched thin. So how could they possibly muster up enough troops inside our own borders to round up great numbers of citizens who might be declared “threats” to our national security, and place them in internments camps, and pay for the cost of maintaining those camps indefinitely? Such an effort would be a massive undertaking, and there would be no element of surprise. As soon as we would sniff it in the wind, it would be all over the internet, and citizens would be mobilized.
We saw what happened to Japanese-Americans in World War 2. This time, we’re not going down without a fight. We’d take to the hills with our own weapons. And in country this big, the notion that any government could root all of us out is preposterous. You think we saw guerrilla warfare in Vietnam? Ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
And just the knowledge of all the stupid, blundering decisions government has made so far should be reassurance enough that there is no one in Washington smart enough to pull it off.

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