Did You Know…Submissions are Open?

Did you know that submissions are open? and not just here at The River! When the decision is finally made to start sharing your creative talents with the world it can be quite daunting. To help, beginners on the road to submissions or road worn novices of the game, here is a small compilation of on-line literary journals that are currently accepting submissions.

For all those short-form junkies out there, check out:

Four and Twenty: Short Form Poetry

High Coup Journal

If you are a poet with a passion for history, do not miss this very exciting,new poetry journal:

The Ides of March

Here are a few awesome journals that accept more than just poetry.

The Scarlet Sound

The Literary Burlesque

Guerilla Pamphlets

Red Fez

Pigeon Bike

Each of the links above are a direct connection to the submission guidelines of the journal, however, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the journal prior to submitting. Take some time and read the current or archived issues. If it feels like a good fit, submit! If you really like what you see a trick to finding similar styles is to check out the journals links. Where a journal is willing to link is a good indication of quality and style. The above listings are just a few I have come across, and either put out a new issue on a monthly basis or make regular calls for submissions or take rolling submissions. Check these out, explore links, and start submitting today! Good luck and keep your eye on The River for updates, additions, and reminders of places to submit in future editions.


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