Opinion~ Graves of Fake Boobs and Plastic Noses

Let us pretend it is 200 years in the future. Our ancestors have slowed down to bikes and are eating sustainable fresh food grown in greenhouses. They are looking around shaking their heads at the excessive garbage we produced in two centuries. Their blood begins to boil at the inconsiderate mindset of us earlier humans. Only to turn to a confused smile when thinking at our arrogance of image.

They watch our media shocked by peoples search for the fountain of youth and their struggles to fit an ideal body image. They are baffled by some of our grave sights and all the remains of bones and plastic. The remnants left of people’s dissatisfaction of their bodies, their lives, themselves.

They find bags of fake boobs, plastic parts of noses and chins, and unidentifiable plastic pieces all predominately in the graves of women. Of these, few actually had a reason other than vanity to change themselves with plastic. Most of them wanted to look better and have bigger boobs for they were not happy with the body they were born to wear. They were people striving for an idea of perfection unattainable. An idea of Western beauty centered in a self-destructive mindset of unrealistic expectations. An idea that spun around the world infecting through Globalization.

We are all in the body we were born to wear. When a healthy person for the most part is still critical of their looks, they should think again. When someone unfairly judges the body they were born to wear, they are putting down every relative that has ever worn that body.


4 thoughts on “Opinion~ Graves of Fake Boobs and Plastic Noses

  1. Thought provoking read River. Whether we are artificially enhanced or not, death awaits us all and, imho, the time we spend in life should be spent living it as fully as we can, not swathed in bandages and lotions to heal the signs of our vanity. Cosmetic surgery can never compensate for a self-absorbed and/or empty psyche imho.

  2. Way to go, River! Not all men are such Neanderthals that we will salivate at the sight of boobs made out of plastic (or silicone, to be accurate, but they LOOK plastic, nonetheless)–JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE BIG! If we thought plastic was sexy, we’d all have inflatable dolls at home and we wouldn’t need you anymore. When I see fake boobs, my mind screams BIMBO! Sorry, but I think you’d prefer to hear the truth, so there it is.

    • Thank you Timoteo. Thank goodness uhh that not all men are such big pigs as you explain or that not all women are so vain as the article speaks of in image. When I see fake boobs I feel sad for the woman for she is not happy with herself and trying to be someone else. The same goes for men and tupas (however that is spelled.) lol

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